18. Apr, 2021

Reasons why you should clean your gutters

A clean gutter system controls the flow of rainwater off a roof, through a channel and down a downpipes directed away from the exterior of the home and its foundation.
If rainwater doesn’t flow as directed because a home’s gutters are clogged or broken, it will remain in the gutter system until it overflows onto and off of the roof.
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The rainwater should flow from the bottom of the roof, into the gutters and down the channel. If the gutter is clogged and rainwater begins to pool inside of it, the rainwater will also start to collect on the bottom of the roof. This will damage roof shingles and can lead to cracks forming. The cracks in the roof can lead to leaks in the home’s ceiling which could lead to leaks in the interior. To repair a damaged roof or rotted ceiling or floor is a very expensive project.
Homeowners that have dealt with a basement flooding know it’s no fun at all. Clogged gutters are a common cause for basement flooding. The rainwater will overflow from the gutter and pool at the base of the home just above the basement. Over time, the foundation will wear down and water that collects above the basement will begin to leak into the basement. This can lead to mold or mildew growth and will destroy paint, carpet and any other furniture or decor in the basement.
The rainwater that can destroy or flood a basement can also destroy the actual foundation of a home. A home with an unstable foundation is not safe to live in. You will also find that to repair a home’s foundation is a measurable expense and a necessity for any hope of selling a home in the future. Home’s with unstable foundations will not pass an inspection.
Rodents and insects love sitting water. If rainwater remains in a gutter for too long, the gutter will soon become home to rats, mosquitos, termites and other pests near your home. The problem will worsen if the pests find a way into your home through the gutter system. Proper gutter cleaning will eliminate the potential for a rodent or insect outbreak to occur.
The appearance of your home might not be the most important reason for cleaning gutters, but it is the most obvious. Debris that builds up in the gutters can often be seen from the front of a home, especially debris that collects on the ground. The overflowing rainwater will also stain the siding of a home and deteriorate the appearance of roofing shingles. In the end, a home with unclean gutters will appear worn down on the exterior.
Another obvious problem that occurs from debris and overflowing rainwater is damage to the gutters themselves. Broken gutters can lead to the same type of home damage as unclean gutters and will need to be replaced sooner than well maintained systems.

You can see above that there are several problems that can occur if gutters are not cleaned regularly. For some homes, the homeowner might be able to safely and effectively complete the project on their own, if they’re capable of climbing a ladder and reaching all of the gutters. Also, if there are not a significant number of trees hanging over the home itself.
But, if you are unable to climb a tall ladder or are uncomfortable with it or if your roof and gutters have complicated slopes and angles, we recommend giving us or another professional a call. Serious injuries can occur due to the heights involved in DIY gutter cleaning, and as noted above, serious damage can occur to a home if the cleaning is done poorly.
The cost of our gutter cleaning service is affordable compared to the costs of major home repair projects.
Westbourne gutter service arrive on-time and perform a complete evaluation of your home’s gutter system. We provide a cost estimate for cleaning the entire system before he begins the service. If we notice signs of deterioration or structural damage during the evaluation, we will make you aware. You then might want to schedule our repair or installation services. If you approve the estimate, we begin our service.
● Removal of leafs, soil & organic debris
● Removal of roofing particles & miscellaneous items
● Tests to ensure gutters drain properly
● Tightening of loose screws throughout the system
● Clean up of debris on the ground near the downpipes